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Prayer, the World’s greatest wireless connection!

Do you realize that each and every one of us is the ‘Power’ that fuels prayer? Which means; it is the “heartfelt emotional energy” that we ‘input’ into a prayer that fuels and brings a prayer to fruition.

In other words; do you know that the ‘man-made image’ of God that we ‘religiously’ pray to, indeed has ‘no power’ and that all the power truly lives within us? Now, I know this may be difficult for some people to accept; but in reality it’s true.

Despite what we have been conditioned to believe, our prayers are not answered by our religious version of God; our prayers are only answered based upon the amount of faith that we as ‘Divine Beings’ insert into this Universe.

See, the ‘emotional energy’ that represents our faith is what speaks ‘directly’ to this Universe, which means the ‘religious image’ that we have been conditioned to worship and have faith in—has zero power!

Considering, the “Power of Prayer” only lives within the level of our faith. See, the power of faith is only defined by the ‘magnitude’ of our emotional investment and nothing more.

Meaning, we need to ultimately realize that this obliging Universe only responds to our ‘emotional request’ and does not adhere to any ‘religious’ man-made name request. So, be careful as to what you ‘emotionally’ believe to be true; because this ‘giving’ Universe will help you ‘see’ it through.

Once our awareness ‘plug’ into the Universal Power that defines us ‘ALL’; only then will we realize that Man’s religion needs us—more than we need it!

Please know whatever you give your power to, will ultimately have power over you!!!

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