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Lying Beliefs Blog

Please make no mistake about it—we all ATTRACT what we currently FEEL.

Whether you believe in the Law of Attraction or not; your current reality is a perfect reflection of what you have ATTRACTED ‘souly’ based upon your frequent thought patterns.
A thought is formed from the upper region of our body and an emotion is formed from the lower region of our body. And when a ‘thought’ and a corresponding ’emotion’ merge together as ONE, they meet right in the center of our body.

This is when the Heart emits a FEELING that is fueled with electro-MAGNETIC energy into the Universe. Thus, you begin to experience and create a reality that is synonymous with SOULY how you feel in the present moment.

We Souls create the Foundation to our REALITY, simply based upon how we FEEL. Therefore, the only way we will ever change our reality is to first change how we feel about it.