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Lying Beliefs Blog

Someone said to me recently that what I speak of makes a lot of sense; but then they asked me: “Why do I think so many people are unaware of what seems to be common sense?”

I told this person; “Although it is common sense—it is not common sense!

Meaning; the reason why what I speak of may not make sense to most, is because it is not ‘common’ to the awareness of what most have been conditioned to believe.

However, here are ‘FOUR’ profound reasons as to why most of humanity is not ‘aware’ of the truth that defines our Godly nature:

1. We constantly seek the ‘truth’ within a domain that is primarily filled with man-made ‘lies.’ Our subconscious minds do not have the answer to who we really are because our subconscious minds have never been provided with the ‘essential’ information.

2. Since we have never been aware of the ‘internal truth’ which defines us as Godly human beings this lack of awareness means that our subconscious mind has never been ‘formally’ introduced to our divine nature.

Since our subconscious minds have no Earthly idea what genuinely defines our nature it is not equipped to relay this vital information back to us. In other words, our subconscious minds were not created to provide us with an answer; that, quite frankly, we as God’s souls should ‘naturally’ know.

Therefore, even attempting to use a search light for whom we are within the current dark parameters of our subconscious minds will still leave us without an understanding. Thus, we can never be “enlightened to the truth” if we reside within the darkness of our man-made subconscious minds. Our attention is usually spent ‘outside’ of a loving reality; considering we waste our entire lives spending our awareness ‘inside’ our subconscious minds focusing on a dreadful man-made reality; which consists of man-made concepts and ideas that form our disgruntled lives.

3. Our subconscious minds can only provide us with what we furnish them by way of what we believe. Therefore, if we supply our subconscious minds with ‘selfish’ and ‘destructive beliefs’ then our subconscious minds will accommodate us with selfish and destructive lifestyles.

Unfortunately, our subconscious minds are not employed to know how terrible our thoughts or beliefs make us feel. And the real reason we encounter ‘fear’ and ‘worry’ is because we spend our entire lives reflecting upon a ‘man-made world’ that is filled with despair.

4. Our man-made egos are very defensive and “hell-bent” on preventing changes because they have worked extremely hard to ensure and ‘reinforce’ our existing man-made beliefs.
Therefore, the moment we try to ‘feel’ something outside of our existing paradigm our man-made egos are simply not going to allow that. Hence, this is why any attempt towards changing our man-made paradigms is so difficult.

So, based upon our current state of mind, if we continue to refer to our man-made mind, for God’s ‘soul’ truth; then unfortunately our subconscious mind has no choice but to ‘lie’ to us.
Without our ‘conscious’ input, our subconscious minds are in no way privy to this level of knowing. Hence, if God’s ‘divinity’ is never introduced to our subconscious minds then we will forever be “absent minded!”

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