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Lying Beliefs Blog

As children we are curious ‘Beings’, we question everything and our minds are a “welcome mat” to all things that are new.

Then as we migrate into adulthood, we begin to live by Man’s definition of life. And as we educate ourselves to understand Man’s meaning of life; we believe that we now know all the answers, which is why we do not feel the need to ask any questions.

We humans automatically live our lives according to man’s defined idea of life and never once do we take the time to ask: “Could this definition of life that we all robotically live by, truly mean something else?”

It’s an amazing feeling when you awaken to realize that Man’s meaning of life is actually “DEMEANING!”

When you become aware that the idea of life is actually defined only by ‘YOU’; you begin to redefine your personal reality.

Hence, no matter how man has decided to define life, guess what? YOU have the ‘power’ to change what this definition ‘means’ to you!

See, we unknowingly live our lives honoring a taxing idea of life that man has created and because we ‘subconsciously’ validate and believe that Man’s detrimental meaning of life represents the truth; we in turn ‘feel’ the pressure and pain that is associated with this demeaning belief.

Those who live with a closed mind, are human beings who believe that they already know the answers; which prevents them from experiencing enlightenment.

If you never question Man’s idea of life, you will always question your true purpose in life!