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Lying Beliefs Blog

Just in case anyone was wondering why I do what I do; well it’s because of the chaotic and insane situations that resemble the Baltimore riots that keep me motivated to reveal the divine light that shines and defines all of humanity. Until we know what better defines us; our minds will continue to influence us to ‘defend’ what we think defines us.

Thus, with this being said, do you know we are not who we “think” we are? Have you ever wondered if we are all born ‘Whole’ as human beings; then when did we become ‘divided’ as human races?

Our man-made beliefs have bestowed upon us a “false perception of self.” And as we interact with other human beings we provide each other with a ‘fake form’ of identification. Perhaps this is why we have been arrested by our own subconscious minds.

This man-made perception of self is what gave birth to what we now call the “Human Race.”

In truth, we are not part of a human race; we are all divine human beings. Nonetheless, our man-made beliefs have separated us based upon a difference in human form and we have all been grouped accordingly.

Okay, now that we have all been physically divided it’s off to the ‘races’ and may the most ‘subconsciously’ driven race win. See, as this so called human race races on, our man-made ego will be our coach as well as our cheerleader. And whichever race is in the lead, their egos will keep their human forms fueled and driven to win.

With all this being said, please note life was not created to be played; it was designed to be “playful.” Therefore, whichever member of this so called human race happens to be the first to cross this man-made finish line; it will definitely be the end!

Hence, in reality, there are no true winners in this man-made game that we call life since man’s version of life is not about ‘living’, considering it’s all about ‘having.’ See, most of humanity is focused on the ‘material things’ in life versus simply being a part of life. Therefore, as a whole, we all lose because there will always be a battle between the “haves and have-nots.” This means the more material that you possess; the more possessed the less fortunate will be to take what you have.

All analogies aside, it’s sad how we are all being ruled by our man-made paradigms. In divine essence we are all the same because we are all created in God’s loving essence. Which means it is only our ‘man-made beliefs’ that make us all appear to be substantially different.

We need to desperately awaken and realize that by defending this man-made concept of “race”; we are only racing toward “Self-Destruction!”

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