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Lying Beliefs Blog

I find it very intriguing that we souls speak of ultimately living in an “Afterlife” and yet we fail to ‘coherently’ live in a “Present Life!”

With this being said; I have a couple critical questions to ask you all:

What if there is no mystical “Afterlife?” Hence, what if there is only the “Present Life?”

Meaning: What if there has always been, and always will be just the present moment—the right here and the right now?

Thus, what if this so called “Afterlife”, is really the “Present Life” and we just don’t know it?

In other words; what if our soul’s purpose for ‘Being’ here is to collectively create the idea of an “Afterlife” or in further words; “Heaven on Earth”— right NOW!

See, the way I envision it; the “Afterlife” that we all anticipate, will only become “Present” here on Earth—“AFTER” we stop believing in Man’s ‘SELFISH’ version of life.

Now, although I know that the concept or idea of an Afterlife sounds soothing and promising to many. However, why waste our ‘present’ life expecting to reconnect with loved ones in a presumed Afterlife; when we have the ‘divine’ pleasure of connecting with them “right NOW!”

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