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Lying Beliefs Blog

The topic of freedom is interesting; because one will never be free until the ‘soul’ of who we are separates its awareness from the man-made concept of itself.

Here in America we are under the illusion that fighting for our physical freedom and defending what we believe to be true is a sign of freedom. However, we fail to realize that our thoughts and awareness are trapped and enslaved by a cultural belief system that robs us of our divinity. The majority of humanity is far from free, because our ‘awareness’ is imprisoned by own minds.

Only becoming consciously aware of the ‘soul’ truth shall set us free—free from our own sub-conscious minds!

Hence, until we as God’s souls cease relying on the man-made ideas, concepts, theories, etc… that ‘lie’ within our subconscious minds for our identity; we will never know true freedom.

Thus; only worldwide “LOVE’ is the antidote for true freedom!

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