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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you know why this image is so perfect?

Well, because our minds are unable to supply us with a ‘judgmental’ concept!

This x-ray image personifies the following:

According to biblical scripture Jesus said; “I tell you the truth, you must change and become like little children [in your hearts].

See, a child’s mind is pure; until it is tainted by man-made concepts, ideas, and beliefs.

Thus, we must learn to see life through a child’s eyes, which essentially mean: A child perceives no man-made concepts!

A child’s heart is pure; and it does not become tainted, until man-made concepts captures the ‘undivided’ attention of a young soul.

Please allow me to elaborate:

Do you ever wonder where the joy for life ends and suffering begins?

I want you to think back to when you stopped enjoying life and you began worrying about it. In other words, I want you to make a sincere attempt to tap into when your joy for life proceeded to migrate toward suffering through life.

Now, if you have made a sincere effort toward exploring this inquiry you will notice that the transition from joy to suffering begins to happen as we start to change over from childhood into adulthood.

You see, at an early age, we are taught to believe in certain man-made concepts. However, at this stage of development, these concepts have yet to become fastened permanently to our paradigm. This means we have yet to ‘wholeheartedly’ accept and comply with these man-made concepts as being who we are. In other words, at this impressionable age, we have not been completely sold on man’s ‘suspicious’ impression of Self, Life, and God.

Therefore, these man-made convictions have yet to be proven guilty for our offensive behavior.

However, as we approach our teenage years and then crossover into adulthood, these man-made concepts eventually become etched into our psyche. And once these man-made concepts are ingrained into our paradigm we begin to defend and protect them because we believe they define us. Thus, the fonder we become of man’s divisive and destructive concepts of Self, Life, and God, the more our precious life begins to transform into a “LIVING HELL!”

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