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Lying Beliefs Blog

Here is today’s question:

Do you ever wonder how we became broken and lost? In other words: How did we become “lost souls” and unholy or as I prefer to say—un(Wholly)?

The main reason I prefer to use the word ‘Wholly’ versus “Holy” is because at birth every human being is born unbroken, complete, or ‘Whole.’ This means no human being was born of this earth “emotionally scared.” Therefore, during our infant years we live in accordance with our true loving nature and exude a loving emotion for genuine life.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

Jesus called a little child to come to him. Jesus stood the child before the followers. Then Jesus said, “I tell you the truth. You must change and become like little children [in your hearts]. If you don’t do this, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. The greatest [most important] person in the kingdom of heaven is the person that makes himself humble like this child” (Matthew 18:2–4 KJV).

See at the beginning of early childhood, we see the true wonder of life in a child’s eyes. Life during this time is fascinating and intriguing. Observe how infants interact with their immediate surroundings; no judgment, no hatred, no fears, or worries. What we are witnessing is more than infants engaging with their physical environment. It is young Beings consciously bonding with life as it exists within the present moment.

Notice how we are more conscious and aware as infants, than we are as adults. In truth, as an infant, we know more about ‘official life’, than we do as an adult. Precious life during these early moments is a magnificent blessing. This is when ‘conscious life’ is experiencing other forms of itself, in its purest essence, as an ‘undiminished’ human being.

Then out of the shadow of the darkness an assault takes place. Man’s ego begins to creep into the light of a child’s awareness, and places a blanket over the pure soul’s conscious awareness of life. Thus, it is not until man’s ego distorts a young Being’s awareness that we proceed to lose the curiosity for authentic life.

Also during this early stage of existence, we are not distracted from the present moment because our subconscious mind has yet to become polluted with man-made beliefs that ‘lie about our past’ and makes us ‘fear and worry about our future.’ But, as our subconscious mind becomes infected with man-made rhetoric, this slowly proceeds to sever our awareness from our divine essence of Being. And unfortunately, this is when we begin to think that our human forms are what define us; which is when we cease being ‘Wholly’ as human beings and begin to live our lives in the broken form of being only human.

And once the soul of who we are begins to merge with a man-made concept of itself, the essence of who we are becomes smothered and our true identity becomes concealed for a lifetime. Hence, this is when we begin to believe that our man-made ‘Self’ defines us; which is when we all become “Lost Souls!”

Rediscover the beauty that lives within ‘You.’

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