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Lying Beliefs Blog

I have a very important question to ask ‘YOU’:

Where are YOU now???

Now, I will bet my life that you answered this question simply based upon where ‘YOUR body’ currently resides. And not once giving a second thought to the fact that wherever ‘YOUR body is located has absolutely nothing to do with where YOU are NOW.

We human beings never give much thought to the fact that ONLY our ‘attention’ determines where we live. Whether you realize this or not; YOU are what is considered to be “YOUR ATTENTION!”
Thus, YOU are YOUR AWARENESS; YOU are the energy of Universal CONSCIOUSNESS.

If you truly want to experience the feeling of WHOLENESS, authentic life, joy, peace; then you must find your way back home and your true home is located only within the ‘space’ of the present moment.

Outside of this precious and sacred moment your mind misguides YOU or “YOUR ATTENTION” into the darkness. Considering, during the dawn of a new day, your mind immediately recaptures “YOUR ATTENTION” and strips it away from the present moment and then forces YOU to focus on something dreadful in your past or makes you worry about your presumed future; which then creates the feelings of fear, frustration, confusion, stress, etc…

Please know the moment you allow your mind to deter YOUR ATTENTION from the present moment; YOU have then taken a detour from the miraculous energy of sacred life.