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Lying Beliefs Blog


Do you believe that Man’s idea of a Devil is real or make-believe?

Do you think we choose to believe that the man-made notion of a Devil exist in order to justify our behavior? Meaning: Do we elect to believe in a Devil in order to blame something else for our wrong doings?

We have been conditioned to believe that there is a mysterious monster well known as the “Devil” that is our worst enemy. However in reality, it is only our ‘Selves’ that bring out the worst in us; thus our ‘Selves’ is our worst enemy and our grandest adversary!

So, until we learn how to manage our Egos/Selves—we will never be free of this man-made illusion that we have been conditioned to believe is a “Devil.”

In closing; the Devil is a childhood belief that we have yet to outgrow.

Hence, the Devil is a man-made boogieman that hides in the closet of our subconscious mind, and this man-made monster will continue to haunt us, until we ‘awaken’ to realize that Man’s notion of a Devil is only a ‘subconscious nightmare!’

See, our concept of ‘Self’ has a very ‘devilish’ or under-‘minding’ nature; which means, it is only our ‘sinful’ sense of ‘Self’ that wears the mask of the Devil!

Thus, Man’s idea of a Devil is only the ‘Ruler’ of the underworld that exists within our Subconscious World!!!!

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