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Lying Beliefs Blog

Make today an “Ah-Ha” moment!

“Who Am I”, this is the question that haunts us all!

Who Am I? Well, just be your ‘Self’? Ok, but I repeat — “WHO AM I?”

The meaning of life is defined by one thing and one thing only—how life makes us “feel.” And beyond what we have been conditioned to believe, we are all one and we all share in the same divine nature; hence we are all born to feel and experience the same common emotion and that is love!

Although, some spiritual individuals tend to say that in order to become enlightened, we need to make a ‘mental’ connection with our “higher self.”

Well, in my opinion, it is our man-made sense of ‘self’; elevated or not, that is the primary culprit in all our problems.

Therefore, success in obtaining true enlightenment can only be achieved by simply knowing Who I Am. Since, ourself’ is the root from which stems our ‘self’ishness.

So, with this being said, I ask once again; “Who Am I?”

Well, after peeling away, layer after layer of multiple man-made identities, I have come to realize that “I AM” simply LOVE! And there’s absolutely “NOTHING” else that defines me or ‘YOU’, than this ‘divine’ emotion.

You may be asking, how do I ‘KNOW’ this to be true?

Well it’s quite simple; because we were ‘NOT’ born believing in anything; which means the beliefs that ‘lie’ causing trouble within our minds do not truly identify “Who We Are.”

See, these beliefs that lace and infect our minds only represent the ‘questionable’ ideas and theories of others; yet we still ‘KNOW’ that love is something that we are all in pursuit of. Considering “LOVE” is a ‘feeling’ that you do not need to be conditioned to ‘believe’ in— because you ‘naturally’ ‘KNOW’ it to be true!

In truth, God can never be defined as a physical or material image, because the true nature of God is the ‘formless’ essence of love. And if we take the time to ‘consciously’ think about it, there is actually nothing physical or material about love. However, what I do find intriguing is that love is something that you don’t have to ‘touch’ in order to ‘feel.’

So, with all this said, what is love?

Love is Truth

Love is Joy

Love is Peace

Love is not confusing

Love is congruent

Love is Integrity

Love is Laughter

Love is Loyalty

Love is Harmony

Love is the energy of Life

Love is Everlasting

Love is Immortal

Love is the Light

Love is the quintessential Power of this Universe

And last but not least— Love is my Religion; therefore, “I AM LOVE!”


Thus, the “essence of God’s love” is our natural birthright!

Therefore, we are not really made in the “Self Image” of God, considering this Universe does not have one. Which means; we are ALL made from the same source of ‘energy’ that represents God’s essence.

In other words, as children of this divine Universe, our ‘universal’ nature is the divine energy or power of love.

So, whenever someone ‘sub-consciously’ tells you to put God first; please realize in truth this simply means to put “LOVE FIRST!” Considering, despite our ‘conditioned’ notion of God; God or in other words this Divine Universe is simply defined by the sacred nature of Love.

Therefore, every man-made ‘concept’ that we allow to redefine us, in reality conceals the real ‘conception’ of who we are.

Hence, the ‘truth’ we human beings seek ‘lies’ beyond our man-made beliefs.

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