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Lying Beliefs Blog

Here’s something that you may find to be very intriguing. I can ask you what may appear to be two very similar questions, yet ‘PROFOUNDLY’ different.

Here’s what I mean, I can ask you the following question “Who Are You?” And most people will immediately respond with a ‘blank’ stare, which often leads to a ‘blank’ answer.

However, on the flip side, I can replace one word within this question and I will immediate get an answer. Thus, if I ask ‘WHAT’ Are You, instead of asking “Who Are You” there is no hesitation.
Example: Hey, let me ask you a question: “What Are You?” Oh, I am African American or I am White or I am Republican or I am Christian, etc….

See we are quick to claim the man-made concept of who we ‘think’ we are; which makes it ‘virtually’ impossible to know “Who We Are!”