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Lying Beliefs Blog

Here’s a quote from Trump as it relates to what happen in Orlando:

He says that this attack on Orlando served as further proof that his proposed Muslim ban is the right thing and suggested extending the ban to all “areas of the world when there is a proven history of ‘terrorism’ against the ‘United States’, Europe, or our allies, until we understand how to end these threats.”

Here’s what I find very interesting about his statement: He speaks as if this is the very first time that this land has ever been threatened by terrorism.

I absolutely do not subscribe to any man-made religion, nor do I condone any form of terrorism; however it is the narrow-minded views of men like Donald Trump that bother me as it relates to the history of terrorism in this land. I realize we modern day Americans are fearful of those who have a ‘threatening’ view of Islam; but what about those Ancient Americans who were faced with those who possessed a sinister view of Christianity.

We so called Americans seem to have selective memory as it pertains to the new face of terrorism. We seem to forget and pay no mind to millions of Ancient Americans that were not only slaughter; but had this land stolen from them. And those who have survived the most horrific act of Terrorism in American history, have been forced to reside on ‘reserved’ areas of their own land—commonly referred to as ‘Reservations.’

So, before we so-called Americans jump to any religious conclusions, please try to understand how the ‘original’ human beings of this land ‘FELT’ who had a special and true ‘spiritual’ relationship, not only with this land, but also with the divine nature of this Universe. And then suddenly have all that stripped away by some foreigner who stepped upon their land and terrorize them, not in the name of Allah; but in the name of Jesus!

Men like Donald Trump speak as if terrorism is new to this Country. History tells us that before a skewed view of Islam plagued this land; it was invaded by a disturbing view of Christianity.

So America please take a good look in the mirror and let’s face the fact that as it relates to those who have come to terrorize this Country—only the ‘face’ has changed!

Therefore, we all need to face reality and realize as long as there is Religion there will always be terrorism. Considering, we human beings do not ‘naturally love’ man’s religious idea of this Universe as much as we have been conditioned to FEAR it.

Although it may not be the religious scripture itself that triggers terror, it is definitely the ‘terrifying’ ‘MALE’ idea of this Universe that we have been bred to worship that has an ancient track record for breeding Terrorist!

Now as this post comes to an end, the European and Middle Eastern ‘male’ theory surrounding this Universe must also come to an end, because if doesn’t, it will ultimately be the end of us.

Considering, it will be this ‘self-controlling’ belief that will lead to our ‘self-destruction’!

In the name of one love!