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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you ever wonder why we seem to struggle with unanswered prayers?

Humanity seems to struggle with how to effectively pray. And one of the most frustrating problems we are face with, is why our prayers seem to be randomly answered? We may not realize that the majority of our prayer requests are rarely presented as a substantial need; but more often as a “man-made want.”

Please understand that our obliging source of power can ‘feel’ the difference between whether or not our prayers are ‘Being’ generated from our heart, or only from our man-made paradigms.

Therefore, any egoist prayer petition assembled by our man-made cravings will be dishonored!

This Universe will only be employed with answering our prayers if we submit a heartfelt prayer application. Hence, our answered prayers will always be based upon what we ‘essentially’ need versus what we ‘egotistically’ want.

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