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This Universe is the personification of truth and religion is a theoretical ‘concept’ of this Universe, that in a distorted and ‘selfish’ way represents a male figure that we choose to call God. This Universe; or God as we choose to call it, is not responsible for religion. So, why do we allow man to speak so ‘religiously’ on behalf of this Universe???

If you are someone who considers yourself to be a loving human being, then you must be honest with your ‘Self.’ Meaning; you must ask your ‘Self’ the following question:

Am ‘I’ religious for the sake of ‘Love’, or am ‘I’ religious for the sake of ‘Fear’???

See, what I perceive to be very interesting, as it relates to those who worship some form of religion, is that most people are ‘NOT’ religious for the ‘LOVE’ that lives within the scripture; they are only religious for the ‘FEAR’ that lives within the story!!

Only ‘Man’ him-‘Self’ has conditioned us to ‘fear’ a story that resembles a ‘Male’ image of God! However in truth; the ‘Formless’ energy of this Universe wants us to FEAR NOT!!!!

Hence, true freedom can only be experience through love. And slavery and suffering is only experienced through ‘fearing’ to love!!

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