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Lying Beliefs Blog

Why do we resist change; when in reality there is no level of resistance that will ever prevent change?

Most of humanity fails to realize that every moment of life is different; meaning there are no two moments that are ever alike.

Every single second that passes us by is a new moment; hence within every new moment there is a new beginning. But yet, we insist on remaining the same. Why?????

Well here is the answer:
Only our ‘ENEMY’ wants us to remain the same. Meaning; only our egos prevent us from changing. Our egos force us to maintain our man-made identities and our conditioned beliefs. Change is the one thing that our egos despise and ‘FEAR’ most. Because, once you change your SELF- identity, which is defined by your ego; then your ego, along with your ‘SELF’ dies!

Now here is the ‘UNIVERSAL’ question that everyone wants to know:

So if my ‘SELF’ dies then “Who Am I”; thus what actually defines me?

Despite what we have been “conditioned to think” there is no idea or man-made belief that resides in our mind that authentically defines us. We are all born and defined simply as Emotional ‘Beings.’ Considering, every single second of our existence we seek to achieve only one thing and that is “Emotional Fulfillment.”

See, whether we realize this or not WE yearn to express who we truly are every moment of our lives. We desperately desire to experience our true nature every single second. Here’s the truth; no matter who we ‘think’ we are, we only strive to experience one divine emotion and that is HAPPINESS; which is direct result of the universal emotion that we call LOVE.

The energy of LOVE is what genuinely defines US as emotional ‘BEINGS’; which is the universal energy that lives beyond ‘our’ human form.

Thus, as a divine human ‘Being’ your identity is present at birth; meaning we are all born as a bundle of JOY!” But, unfortunately soon after we arrive here on this glorious planet with a pure mind, pure body, and pure soul; our minds then slowly become infected by ‘fearful’ man-made ideas and beliefs which begin to erase the joy of life within us.

So, until we CHANGE the man-made ideas of who we ‘think’ we are, we will never evolve into the divine ‘Beings’ that we are created to be. In other words; until we change how we ‘think’, we will never change how we “FEEL.”

Please know as long as the enemy/our egos prevent us from changing—-we will never change for the better!