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Lying Beliefs Blog


Do you know why it is really tough to distinguish what is actually true?

Because, someone can say that they ‘know’ the truth; but who’s to say that their sense of knowing is merely nothing more than their personal belief.

Example: The notion of ‘Knowing’ something is true versus ‘Believing’ that something is true, appears to be only ‘relative’ to one’s reality; because ‘believing’ you know the truth actually does ‘feel’ real.

Well, here is the difference between ‘Knowing’ and ‘Believing’ that something is true:

If what we believe to be true is limited or ‘isolated’ only to our reality; then chances are such beliefs just may not be true. Considering, when we ‘BELIEVE’ that we know the truth, our sense of knowing is only ‘revealed’ to us or to a select few.

However, when you ‘know’ the truth, you then realize that the truth is not ‘hidden’ in the ‘mind’ of any human being, thus the truth is exposed everywhere.

See, when you ‘know’ the truth, ‘Life’ itself becomes ‘Whole!’ In other words, you begin to see the “Whole Truth” as it relates to everything, because ‘Life’ is what defines everything.

Thus, once you perceive the “Whole Truth”, you then recognize life as being this miraculous energy that stems from ‘ONE’ divine source that is the creation of ALL LIFE, which in essence make us all the ‘SAME.’

Which means: Life is not some obstacle that we need to overcome, or something that needs to be accomplished or conquered; Life is the sacred energy of this Universe that exist in everything and without the existence of life—-nothing would exist!

Hence; LIFE is you; LIFE is me; and LIFE is everything that we see!

Therefore in truth: This ‘divisive’ world that we have created by way of what we ‘believe to be true’ is really represented by ONE source, ONE energy,ONE life, and most importantly—-ONE LOVE!

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