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Lying Beliefs Blog

Someone once told me that what I speak of makes them ‘feel’ uncomfortable and at that time I really didn’t know how to properly digest this statement. However, as time has passed I have come to accept this statement as a ‘compliment.’

See, what I have come to realize is if the ‘core’ essence of who we are ‘senses’ something to be true and if this feeling of truth conflicts with a ‘controversial core belief’; then an immediate discomfort seems to overtake our body.

Here is what’s interesting: Once our Ego receives any information that contradicts with a primary core belief that it has been assigned to protect and nurture, our Egos will immediately generate a defense mechanism to make us ‘feel’ uncomfortable, in order to ensure that we defend and maintain faith in the man-made ideas that we have chosen to believe in.

Hence, because “The Truth Hurts”; we choose to seek comfort in maintaining man-made lies.

However, please know the truth does NOT hurt the core essence of who we are, it only damages our Ego. Thus, within our Ego’s discomfort usually hides the truth!

In the name of One Love!