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Lying Beliefs Blog

I have a question for you:

Are you really in pursuit of the truth; or are you only seeking validation for what you believe to be true? The question is do you really believe that you would recognize the truth, if the truth stared you in the face?

Here’s why I feel that it would be ‘virtually’ impossible to perceive the truth if you are seeking validation:

Although we tend to blame our minds for everything; our mind is not the problem, it’s ‘only’ the information in our minds that is responsible for multiplying our issues.

Whenever we human beings are presented with new information; instead of ‘feeling’ whether or not the information feels compatible with our nature, we immediately reject the new information, especially if it does not comply with the outdated data that has grown old within our minds.

This man-made rhetoric that has grown old within our minds is really starting to take a toll on us.

So, why do we rely on our minds to validate the truth; when it’s obvious that our minds have yet to be introduced to the truth? In other words, based upon the current information that is stored within our minds; our minds are not equipped to provide us with the truth—because this is something that ‘we’ must experience ourselves.

What I find interesting is the truth is a ‘knowing’ that will not seem ‘familiar’; but yet if it’s not ‘familiar’ then it is a ‘lie!’

Thus, if the truth came knocking; we wouldn’t answer the door, without our mind’s permission.

See, as long as we rely on the lies, which lie within our minds; we will never be able to perceive the truth that lay before us!

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