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Lying Beliefs Blog

We human beings tend to live our entire lives believing that we are our life’s story, when in truth the story that is chronicled by our minds only speaks of our life’s experiences.

The concept of ‘self’ that is the main character in our life’s story is an illusion, meaning the ‘idea’ of who we think we are is a lie!

There is ‘absolutely’ NO information that is stored within our minds that we live by, that actually represents who we truly are.

Deep down inside what defines each every human being are ‘feelings.’ Which means, our life’s purpose is not contingent upon a make-believe story created and narrated by our minds, our life’s purpose is simply to experience the feelings of love, joy, peace, and harmony.

However, whether the feeling is congruent or not, everything in life that we experience is accompanied with what? Some type of a feeling! Case in point, even as you are reading this post, this post in itself, depending on how you perceive it is guaranteed to create some form a feeling.

See, YOU must stop performing as your ‘SELF’ in this man-made ‘Reality Show’ that keeps re-running in your mind if you ever want to experience your true life’s purpose.

Considering, holding on to your life’s story is what truly ‘weakens’ your life’s purpose!