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Lying Beliefs Blog

In this VAST Universe there are no two human beings that are alike.
Thus, every form of life is unique; which means there are no duplicates. And just as the physical form is unique so is the SOUL/SPIRIT that resides within it.

Meaning, the BEING that resides within every human form is a Divine ‘UNIQUE’ Spirit that has been assigned specifically to that body.
My point being is there is not ‘ONE’ body that contains ‘TWO’ SPIRITS. Which means, although we may believe that the spirit of another human being resides in our body, we only believe this because we as a Spirit subconsciously believe that we are the body.

However, when you awaken to realize that ‘ ‘YOU’ are the Only “GODLY SPIRIT” that occupies YOUR body–this is when YOU as a Soul/Spirit will be born again.

Even with the above being stated, the unfortunate thing is most will read this post and through what they have been conditioned to believe will experience a feeling of FEAR that will prevent them from accepting this Empowering truth.