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Do you know that there’s a monumental difference between ‘YOU’ and your ‘SELF’?

Some spiritual individuals tend to say that in order to become enlightened, we need to make a mental connection with our “Higher Self.” However, during my quest for the truth I simply preferred to leave my ‘elevated self’ completely out of the equation of enlightenment.

In my opinion, it is my ‘self’ that is the primary culprit in all my problems. Therefore, success in obtaining true enlightenment can only be achieved by simply knowing “Who I Am.” Considering, I have already spent the vast majority of my life becoming very well acquainted with my ‘self’ and I must say at times my ‘self’ can be very annoying. See, from my perspective it is my ‘self’ that is the root from which stems my SELF-ishness.

I have come to realize that my ‘self’ was born shortly after ‘I’ arrived here on this beautiful planet. Hence, it was the rise of my man-made ‘self’ that laid the ‘soul of Who I Am’ down to rest.

Understand that the energy that ‘we’ exude to protect our ‘self’ is what grants our ‘self’ life. In other words, our ‘self’ was not created to protect ‘us’ it was formulated to defend the man-made concept of it‘self’.

What I find to be intriguing is the nature that truly defines me is ‘untouchable’, yet stable with enormous substance and ‘energy’ that bears no alteration. Hence, it is unlike my ‘self’, which is unruly, forever changing, and ‘selfishly’ requires my undivided attention.

With this being stated, you may frequently ask your ‘self’ the following question: Who Am I?

Unfortunately this is a question that your ‘self’ will never be equipped to answer. Quite frankly, this is an answer that your ‘self’ works day and night to keep from you. Therefore, it is up to ‘YOU’ to make this determination on behalf of your ‘self’.

However, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Do you know how you can tell that your ‘self’ is a ‘lie?’ Well the answer is quite simple; you can sense that your ‘self’ resembles a lie, based upon how ‘horrible’ your ‘self’ makes ‘YOU’ feel!!

Only the “TRUTH” is capable of providing ‘YOU’ with a feeling of ‘divinity’ unlike your ‘self.’

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