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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you discern discovering the truth is humanity’s grandest challenge; considering our “lying beliefs” refuse to get out of our way?

I know humanity may find it difficult to conceptualize that we are more infinite than our human image. Since our lives have been a vigorous process of distorted self-conditioning; which has been geared towards fixating our subconscious minds on our human form as being our authentic ‘Self’ and through this inaccurate perception of being only human we are left to struggle with not ‘Being’ enough!

I understand the complexity of imagining that we are far more than cells, organs, muscles, and tissue. I honor the fact that it may be challenging to comprehend that there is a greater substance that lives beyond what we physically see—considering our man-made beliefs have convinced us otherwise. However, please perceive our subconscious mind by Universal Law cannot successfully function without our controlled conscious awareness.

This mental disconnection of subconscious mind, minus us, God’s loving soul, is what’s creating our failures and frustrations in life. Therefore, until we gain full control of our consciousness we will continue to operate throughout life labeled as ‘out of order’ and ‘out of control.’

So with all this said, I do realize why our awareness is so connected to our human forms and yet so ‘informal’ to whom we really are.

Now, with all this said, I have a very serious question to ask you: Have you ever taken time to wonder if ‘You’ are indeed the immortal ‘Soul’ versus ‘believing’ that ‘You’ have a soul???

And if not, I completely understand; considering this is not common sense, which means this is not a belief that is a common part of our awareness. However, if this notion seems absurd to you, then ‘You’ must ask your ‘Self’ the following question: If ‘You’ presumably have a ‘Mind’, ‘Body’, and ‘Soul’, then who are YOU???

Although it may seem insane to think that we are the immortal Souls of God; please rest assured the ‘insanity’ that we are currently experiencing on this ‘man-made’ planet stems from believing otherwise.

The Divine Spirit of this Universe grants the “Mind” and “Body” life through the mystical and miraculous conscious energy of God’s Soul, which is “YOU!”

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