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Lying Beliefs Blog

Your body is a miraculous Temple that does not house ‘your’ soul— but YOU!
The eyes that are associated with this miraculous vessel are the windows that allows ‘YOU’ the Soul to observe the outside world.
Which means, YOU are the perceiver, YOU are the Observer, and YOU are the CONSCIOUSNESS.

However, in truth, we do not perceive the outside world with our eyes; we perceive the outside world with our subconscuous mind. Hence, our eyes are similar to a (GUI) a Graphic User Interface that are connected to the main computer–our brain/subconscious mind.

Our brains / subconscious minds, similar to a projector, PROJECTS the condition concepts that manifest the outside world that we physically experience as SOULS through the lens of our physical body, which are the windows that we see through.

We human beings constantly struggle with discovering our true identity, because we are frequently fed metaphors that we digest; however these false metaphors leaves us unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

The only reason we pause to accept the idea of being Living Souls, although it is mentioned in the Bible, is because this idea unlike the God metaphor is not ‘religiously’ drilled into our psyche.