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Lying Beliefs Blog


We human beings all have a grand imagination. We love to live in a world of fantasy, so much so that we often fantasize about this Universe in such a ‘Marvel-ous’ way that we have characterize this Universe in the form of some ‘Marvel’ character that is synonymous with some sort of “Super-MAN” that will soon come back to save the day.

This “Super-Human Man” that we ‘religiously’ worship ‘only’ obtains His power, from the power of ‘our’ beliefs. Hence, He relies ‘souly/solely’ on our ‘FAITH’ in order to live and survive, considering without our faith ‘He’ does not exist.

He promises as long as we ‘forever’ believe in him; He will ‘eventually’ come back to ‘save’ us from our-‘Selves.’

Although, this man-made ‘story’ sounds unreasonable, we still fear to question what seems to be extremely ‘irrational.’ Therefore, we patiently wait for that ‘unknown’ day to come, when only ‘believers’ will have the privilege of meeting and embracing their ‘man-made’ Savior.

See, our vision has been flawed by Man’s interpretation of this Universe; which is why we fail to see that the ‘Soul’ of who we are is the only “Super-Hero” that can save us from our-‘SELVES’, as well as save the day and create a ‘brighter’ tomorrow.

As a Soul of this Universe, YOU must recognize that ‘you’ are wearing a “conceptual-mask” that keeps ‘you’ in the dark and drains ‘you’ of your own ‘divine’ light. And once ‘You’ remove this conceptual mask, you will unveil your divine ‘miraculous’ nature and finally see your ‘Self’ for what it is—A ‘MANIPULATING’ MAN-MADE CONCEPT!

By way of this discovery, ‘YOU’ would have saved who you are, from your man-made ‘SELF.’

Please know beyond what your mind makes you believe; YOU are the only “Super-Hero” that you await; however you must muster up enough courage to put on the cape!

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