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Lying Beliefs Blog


No matter how long or how hard you search, and no matter what religion you believe in ‘you’ will never ‘completely’ see your ‘Self’ in someone else; because your idea of ‘Self’ is concept that does not live in everyone else.

We all have different perceptions of our ‘Selves’ for example: Some of us believe that we are Christians, some of us believe that we are Muslims. We all believe that our cultures and our racial labels identify us, and of course these self-made ideas of who we think we are—are endless!

See here’s the real truth; as we seek to see our-‘selves’ in others, what we are really searching for is the following:

Outside of identifying with another human beings physical appearance; what we are really seeking in others are ‘similar beliefs.’

‘YOU’ must come to realize that you did not arrive here or was not born as your-‘SELF’ or in other words ‘you’ were not born as a belief. Your self-identity over numerous years was seemingly “etched in stone” into your mind.

Hence, no human being was born as man-made idea and until we comprehend this knowing; we will never have any idea who we really are.

Once you awaken to who you really are—–only then will you see the ‘energy’ of ‘YOU’ everything!

The bottom line is the more you work on building your “Self-Image” is this less you’ll know who you really are! Thus, the more ‘you’ hold to your-self is the more that you let go of all that is ‘true.’

The moral of every human story is: We human beings are all unhappy, because we only live to satisfy our ‘SELVES!’