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Lying Beliefs Blog

Let’s face it, there are very few human beings who do not tussle with the troublesome information that circulates in their head.

Each and every day we as Godly ‘Souls’ struggle with our-‘Selves.’ Our daily battle is not with the ‘true’ nature of reality; considering our stress is ‘self’ created by the “make-believe” reality that we rely on. In other words; our fight is not with an imaginary Devil or Demon; our fight is only with our-SELVES!

Man’s beliefs have weaken us human beings and the man-made idea of who we ‘think’ we are has stripped us of our Godly nature; leaving us depending on our-Selves for strength, guidance, and support.

Therefore, as souls of this Universe, we allow our ‘man-made idea’ of our-SELVES to take full control of our lives; which explains why we are ‘subconsciously’ cruising in the ‘dark’ on a reckless “Mind-Trip!”

This so called battle between good (God) and evil (D-evil) is really a War between “The God’s honest TRUTH” and an abundance of man-made ‘LIES!’

Our “make-believe” reality will always be consumed with stress and turmoil until we find the ‘soul strength’ to remove what stands in the way of our true destiny. However, the “truth of the matter” is; we human beings create our own suffering—because we spend our entire lives ‘defending’ the man-made beliefs that ‘lie’ in our heads.

Thus, here is the irony—how can we ever conquer what we defend?

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