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Lying Beliefs Blog

Do you know that our beliefs require our attention in order to survive? Do you realize that a belief is “powerless” without our commitment to it?

In other words, do you understand that without our emotional investment a belief does not exist; hence a belief will never ‘feel real’ without our faith?

The result of any man-made belief, whether imaginary or not, definitely creates a ‘feeling’ that seems very real. The irony is, although these beliefs may feel real, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they actually are real. Whether we realize this or not, our beliefs are not defined by ‘truth’ and certainty.

What we choose to believe in is designed to form our ‘personal’ reality by creating a feeling that honors our beliefs. In other words, our beliefs are only responsible for manifesting a feeling that reinforces our reality.

Beyond what we have been conditioned to believe, we are all one and we all share in the same divine nature; hence we are all ‘born to feel’ and experience the same common emotion and that is LOVE!

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